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Rules and Regulations

1. You are allowed to buy up to; two 8ft tables and no more. If you need a larger set up this will require a bit more information and teamwork.

2. Weapons require an ID to be purchased. Even if they are props.

3. No 18+, Gory, or Obscene Materials maybe visible on your booth. If someone requests to see any material of this nature you must ID and they must be 18+ Years of age. (This goes for video games with an M rating, Movies with R ratings, Comics with an OT Logo and more!)

4. Under NO circumstances are Direct Sales* allowed into our vendor hall. They do not belong nor have a place at our event. This is for small businesses and artists.

*Direct Sales includes companies like: Tupperware, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Papparazzi and etc.

5. Any stealing or using official images and claiming them to be official merch will be punished by expulsion from the alley. If using official images they must be in the form of buttons or decoupage. Upcycling is smiled upon! Reselling official merch is allowed.

6. Fanart is allowed. But we also encourage original work as well!

7. We are not responsible for: Lost, stolen or damaged materials or items.

8. You MUST provide a PAYPAL connected e-mail for invoicing.

9. You MUST provide a website or portfolio of what you sell. Even if it's just a facebook album or deviantart! As long as we can see what you make we will be happy with it.

10. You must pay for your spot two days before the event. We can accommodate if we are given a warning about a payment being a bit late.

11. Please, feel free to ask volunteers and staff for help! We will do food runs, watch your table, and help with setup and take down!

12. You must be selling "geeky" items based on things like: Comics, Anime, Video Games, Board Games and the like! Japanese Street Fashion and cosplay are also allowed!



14. We also will accept: Artists, Craftsers, Facepainters and other fun interactive tables at our discretion.

Geeky Categories Include: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternative Fashion, 'Kawaii' Culture, Cartoons, Furry, Anime, Video Games, Cosplay, Comics, Literature, and Music! Food Vendors who specialize in cute treats or are willing to make 'Themed' meals for the event are also welcome!

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